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A website is usually the first point of contact and thus the first thing a potential customer sees. Most customers inform themselves on your website about opening times, offers or references.

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Website layout

We design your website according to your ideas.


We also offer customized forms and other programming services.

Amazon FBA

We help you to set up and optimize Amazon FBA.

IT Consulting

We analyze, plan and develop your IT solution.

Responsive design

Our websites are all adapted to mobile use.

SEO and Linkbuilding

We optimize your website on request for search engines (Onsite-Offsite).

Further care

We are happy to support your website after completion.

Fair prices

Simple company websites starting at 999€.

Whether it's a big company, a doctor's office, a restaurant or a small business
- they should all have a suitable website.

Your contact person
For planning and development

Through my studies of computer science and my experience as a web developer, I am your competent contact partner for the planning, development and support of your project.

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    Max Karl

    Computer Scientist and Webdeveloper

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We will find the right solution for you, create your website and if you wish, continue to maintain it after the creation. Tell us your wishes and we will make you a non-binding offer.

On their online research many customers go for the company
with the best website.

What most of our customers are interested in

How much does a website cost?

Often one of the first questions you ask yourself when researching your own website is the price. This question simply cannot be answered in a general way, because it is as individual as the customers who request a website.

Thus, it depends first and foremost on the requirements of the website. If you only need a simple presentation of your company with a contact form, then this is already possible for under 1000 euros.

An own webshop with customer management and additional search engine optimization, on the other hand, can cost several thousand euros.

Have a website created or do it myself?

Why should I hire a web developer and not create a website myself via one of the numerous services?

There are numerous providers on the market for websites that you can assemble yourself as a customer. A predefined design, a button here, a text there and the website is ready... at least that's the promise. In reality, it usually looks a little different. More complex websites with programmed content can usually not be realized this way. Often one makes also cutbacks with the existing designs. However, you should not cut back on the presentation of your company, because this is often the first point of contact for new customers.

A second factor is the cost. In the short run, a website from a professional is obviously more expensive, but in the long run, you usually don't pay more or even less, as most services quote much higher monthly costs than a simple web hosting including domain, which you need for a website from a professional.

The third factor is the advice, a professional also knows about search engine optimization and can continue to assist you with any questions or problems even after your website is published.

How does the order and creation of a website work?

After you have contacted us, we will ask you about your wishes and ideas and then make you a free and non-binding offer.

If you accept the offer we will start with the development of the website. In the next step we will discuss the exact contents like pictures and texts with you. The last step is to choose a hosting provider and (if not already available) a domain name. Of course, we are also there to advise you on this. We will then present the finished website to you and, if you are satisfied, make it accessible via your previously chosen domain. The complete website can be put online after 10-14 days for simple wishes.

Where do we offer our services?

Generally, we offer our services all over Europe and also in the USA. Our company is located in Germany near Berlin. This means that if you work or live in or around Berlin, we can arrange a personal consultation. In other cases everything can be discussed via video call.

How long does it take to develop a website?

The duration of website development depends on various factors, such as the project's scope, functional requirements, design, number of pages, and content availability. Typically, a simple website with basic features can be created in about 2-4 weeks. More complex websites with extensive design, custom functionalities, and more content may take several months. An accurate time estimate can be provided after a thorough project analysis and planning.

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